Weapons Packs

Blaster Pack

MSRP $12

The BrickArms Blaster Pack has all the scifi weaponry any trooper needs to dominate the battlefront of intergalactic warfare!


EE-3 Blast Carbine
Bolt-Caster w/Bow & Scope
A-280C Blast Rifle
E-11 Blast Rifle
DL-44 Blast Pistol
DLT-20A Heavy Blast Rifle
DC-15 Blast Rifle
DC-15S Blast Carbine
F-11D Blast Carbine
NN-14 Blast Pistol
A-295 Blast Rifle
CA-87 Shock Cannon
DH-17 Blast Carbine
T21 Heavy Blast Rifle w/Scope
T21-B Heavy Blast Sniper Rifle w/Scope

You can permanently attach the scopes with superglue. Buy Now

(Disclaimer: All BrickArms tiny toy weapons are made of solid ABS plastic, designed to be used with LEGO® toys. They cannot shoot bullets and cannot be made to fire bullets in any way. Again, they are a TOY! T-O-Y Toyee!)