Weapons Theme Packs

WW2 AlliesPack v2

Everything you need to defeat the Germans, and secure Victory!

MSRP $12


This explosive pack includes a variety of munitions from rifle rounds to artillery shells, all guaranteed to make any MOC burst with excitement!

MSRP $12

Battle Royale Pack

Includes classic and exciting new modern combat BrickArms accessories, everything needed to transform your minifig collection into an unstoppable force!

MSRP $14

Blade Pack

The BrickArms 2016 Blade Pack has the edge with its great assortment of weaponry thatís ready to slice and dice!

MSRP $10

Blaster Pack v2

Strike back with the Blaster Pack 2018! Including all the scifi weaponry any trooper needs to dominate the battlefront of intergalactic warfare! Includes all the classics and two exciting new accessories: the SE-14r and the E-11D!

MSRP $14

Camo Combat Packs

Dark tan and OD Green swirled weapons. Choose from four packs:


German Pack v2

Begin your quest for global dominance with the German Weapons Pack!

MSRP $12

Modern Combat - Assault Pack

Heavy firepower for heavy action, the BrickArms Modern Combat Assault Pack includes a variety of weapons to add a full metal storm to any build!

MSRP $10

Modern Combat - Tactical Pack

Specialized weaponry for true professionals, the BrickArms Modern Combat Tactical Pack includes some truly unique pistols, rifles, and machine guns!

MSRP $10

Pacific Battle Pack

Wage War in the Pacific Theatre during World War II, with the BrickArms Pacific Battle Pack!

MSRP $10

Russian Pack v2

For the Motherland!

MSRP $12

Sci-Fi Pack - 2017

Destroy all Aliens..ALL Aliens.

MSRP $10

WW1 Central Powers Pack

Fight the War to End All Wars with the BrickArms WW1 Central Powers Pack. Contains special hand-injected weapons and one overmolded trench mace war club!

MSRP $15

WW1 Trench Pack

Fight the War to End All Wars with the BrickArms WW1 Trench Pack.


WWII Pack v2

Battle from all sides, with weaponry and headgear from 5 different armies!

MSRP $12

Value Packs

BrickArms Value Pack Series 1-11, offer variety & value! Collect them all!
• Packs 1-3 contain a CHROME weapon!
• Packs 4-7 contain a Glow in the Dark weapon!
• Packs 8-11 contain a CRAZY colored blaster!


Vietnam Pack

Includes American and Soviet weaponry for the perfect set of accessories to recreate the combat of Vietnam!

MSRP $10

Zombie Defense Pack - 2018

Get armed with the BrickArms 2018 Zombie Defense Pack to defend against the shambling dead! Comes with a custom pad printed dead-head, designed and printed by Citizen Brick.

MSRP $12